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Technology with a personal touch.

Team work


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If you have technology that you need to use or you need technology that you don't have, talk to us.


We are here to serve your small business.  You can reach us most effectively by electronic mail.


Pretty Snazzy Software

739 Greenwood Terrace

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Living with technology

Not everyone lives for technology, but we all live with it.  If you have a small business, you must live with technology and leverage it to advance your business.  At Pretty Snazzy Software, we will make your technology livable.

What is the personal touch?

Technology can be cold, calculating, and unforgiving.  We understand technology and we can make it understandable to you.  We explain and implement technology with your personal needs and goals in mind.

Making an impact

If nobody has asked you for your company's website address, they will.  The world wide web is now ubiquitous.  Your website is as important as your printed material or the sign on your building.  Let us help you make an impact on the web.